A Return to Open Debate & Critique!


The point of this blog is quite simple. Levi Bryant and others involved in the “philosophical” movement of Speculative Realism, specifically OOO, have a reputation of censoring comments and stifling debates.  Often, they resort to childish name-calling, personal insults, and wildly unjustified claims about others.  On “Larval Subjects Uncensored,” we will re-post the most recent musings by Levi Bryant, and you can comment, create dialogue, debate, etc, without worrying about censorship simply because you may disagree with the post. In a sense, each re-post is nothing but a postcard sent from Levi, beyond his control and mastery.  “Larval Subjects Uncensored” will be an archive dedicated to Levi’s work, but an archive in which Levi, as an author, will truly have to come to terms with his finitude.  We encourage Levi to comment! However, we must warn him and all, the playing field will be leveled and critiques welcomed.  Enjoy!

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